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lockey USB, I2C software protection dongles

About lockey

Hardware dongle for protecting software. Lockey was created, and is being made in Poland. Continuously evolving and improving, in development by the people with years of experience in software and electronics.

Lockey can be used not only on PCs with supported operating systems to protect applications, stored data, data transmitted on network. Its special feature is the ability to use on embedded platforms.

An example can be the electronic projects built on the basis of Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/4, where there is a need for effective protection of software to prevent copying and easy cloning created devices.

It is possible to prepare libraries that support lockey on other platforms. If you're interested please just contact us.

Supported operating systems


USB dongles lockey, lockey4, lockey8:
Windows: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86/amd64),
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 and other (x86/amd64)
Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/4: Raspbian, Arch Linux operating systems




lockey dongle




  • lockey works out of the box, right after plugging into computer's USB port and is visible in supported operating system as a standard HID device (no additional device drivers are needed on Windows and Linux systems).

  • non-volatile memory accessible after logging into

  • unique serial number of each lockey is assigned by the manufacturer

  • ability to use multiple lockey devices on single computer (with sufficient USB ports accessible)

  • all of the sensitive communication beetween a computer and lockey is done inside a secure, encrypted, signed session, thus providing heavy protection from "eavesdropping"

  • hardware random number generator (available on lockey4/lockey8)

  • hardware based encryption with secret keys AES (available on lockey4/lockey8)

  • simple to implement in your project API (examples of using lockey in your application are provided together with needed libraries)

  • examples of using lockey are provided for: C++, C#, Delphi, Lazarus/Free Pascal languages

  • free software helping with lockey configuration

  • 24 months limited warranty (doesn't include mechanical damages and any damages caused by power surges)





Offers a basic level of security for protected applications.
It has 256 bytes of memory available after authentication. Allows, for example, storing license for the protected software. The data are kept in memory in encrypted form and impossible to decipher even by the manufacturer of the dongle. Data safety is strengthened by the use of AES algorithm.



Hardware protection dongle with 4KB of available memory, designed for programmers demanding more resources.
Has 4 slots for securely storing encryption keys. It enables strong encryption of valuable data. For example can be used with encrypting project files of protected application, securing data transmission over network, generating digital signatures for documents.



An enhanced version of lockey4. Offers 8KB of available memory and place for storing up to 8 encryption keys.