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lockey USB, I2C software protection dongles

  • Protect your application from unauthorised use
  • Increase profit from your software's sales
  • Protect application on Raspberry Pi platform

Are you looking for hardware protection for your own software?
Other available solutions seem too complicated and/or too expensive? Use lockey!

lockey dongle lockey

 49 zł (excl. VAT)

Offers a basic level of security for protected applications.
It has 256 bytes of memory available after authentication. Allows, for example, storing license for the protected software. The data are kept in memory in encrypted form and impossible to decipher even by the manufacturer of the dongle. Data safety is strengthened by the use of AES algorithm.

lockey4 dongle lockey4

 54 zł (excl. VAT)

Hardware protection dongle with 4KB of available memory, designed for programmers demanding more resources.
Has 4 slots for securely storing encryption keys. It enables strong encryption of valuable data. For example can be used with encrypting project files of protected application, securing data transmission over network, generating digital signatures for documents.

lockey8 dongle lockey8

 59 zł (excl. VAT)

An enhanced version of lockey4. Offers 8KB of available memory and place for storing up to 8 encryption keys.

lockey i2c dongle lockey i2c

 65 zł (excl. VAT)

Software protection dongle created especially for your Raspberry Pi B+/2/3.
4KB of non-volatile memory for secure storage, hardware based AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) data encryption/decryption, and battery supported RTC (real time clock), all accessible over secure transmission channel. Uses I2C bus for communication. Shares API with USB versions and can be used together on same system simultaneously.

Supported Systems

Supported Systems

lockey, lockey4, lockey8:
Windows: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86/amd64),
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 oraz inne (x86/amd64)
Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/4: Raspbian, Arch Linux operating systems

lockey i2c:
Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/4: Raspbian, Arch Linux operating systems.


Application protection

Are you a programmer/developer? Working on a new application project, spending your valueable time? If so, there's to be moment coming when you ask yourself:

- How do I protect my own software from software piracy?
- How do I ensure maximum profits from its sales?

Answer could be easy. We created lockey for this exact purpose: to secure your application and to do it fast and without the hassle.


What is the point in protecting your software?

The theft of software, commonly known as piracy entails often enormous financial losses for application developers and distributors.

Invested time and money spent on development in what is often a huge project are wasted, as revenues from sales don't reach satisfactory levels.


How to protect yourself against pirating your software?

There are many methods, starting from simple, software-only ones, to advanced, which often are hardware based. There are many offers from different companies, providing anti piracy protections.
Using hardware based solutions typically results in much higher level of security for protected applications or data.


Are there any protections that are 100% effective?

The question is typically asked by a person when looking into the issue of software protection for the first time. Answer is actually pretty simple, and it's "no". There's no 100% proof method for protecting software. There're however solutions which hinder possible attempts to remove all license restrictions to a point where doing so is no more worth the effort. The big part in that have strong cryptographic algorithms. Their use can result in an unprecedented level of application protection and make the hacking no more viable even if only for the time needed to conduct an effective attack.


What to use to protect your software?

Properly used hardware-based protection, for example lockey, will greatly minimalise the risk of losses due to the illegal use of pirated copies of your created software. A relatively small investment in security can quickly multiply the profits from the sale of protected software.


Software piracy - some facts

The current scale of software piracy is best illustrated by the data from the BSA (NINTH ANNUAL BSA AND IDC GLOBAL SOFTWARE) portal that studies this problem.

Unfortunately the facts are inexorable and statistics do not inspire with optimism. The cost of software security can be really small when compared to losses due to software piracy.